Av. Rafael Obligado 4801, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


On Saturday @ Jet Lounge.

Sound by Christian Klein, Martin Buceta & Chris Rojas

For VIP Table reservation & Guest List.

Jet has established a new level and trend in the nightlife of Buenos Aires: the best resident DJs, a dynamic and distinctive entrance, an ideal and professional service, decor and lighting is neat to have a great atmosphere and sound system only in our country.
The space is built on the Rio de la Plata with a unique view while you can taste an excellent dish made by select professionals who can interpret the tastes of our customers significantly, also has an excellent track surrounded by a large amount of boxes around the track, which can be acquired by pre-booked, where you can enjoy privacy and musical trends worldwide, Jet is an exclusive club, cool and constant innovation.
One of the most consistently hip spots in BA, Jet is a place where you’re guaranteed to have a great time any night of the week. From thursday to Saturday Jet is always a good option-during the week it’s the perfect place to start the night off, but thursdays are the biggest nights, as Jet remains packed well into the morning hours. The music can be described as a blend of mainstream indie and disco remixes which draws a significant crowd. Basically, the phrase that best describes Jet is “all roads lead to Rome” because no matter what they’ve done earlier, people always end up meeting at Jet even.
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Fashionable, Trendy, Edgy

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