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Honduras 5600, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Campobravo opened it`s door for the first time on December 10th, 2002 under the skeptical eyes of it`s neighbors and gastronomes. Since then, not only has it never closed them but it has become one of the best examples of Argentine “parrilla” (grill) and Buenos Aires nightlife.
Today Campobravo is a well stablished name within our expert cuisine, and day after day satisfies the needs of botj the national and international clientele who visit daily is search of “cultural asado criollo” (traditional, authentic barbecue).

The restaurant, Palermo Hollywood
Today Campobravo sits perfectly in Palermo Hollywood with all its avant-garde splendor. From amongst its towers, producer and television channels rises a new oasis of incense and glass, warm and secure, co-existing whithin its neighborhood, its pavement seating and its lights, a place alive with entertainers; an Argentine grill with a distinguished offering.

Grill – Parrilla
“Fresh from the field to Campobravo”.
Without middlemen and with their own meat processing, Campobravo manages every part of the production and preparation of the grass-fed meat.
“Special quality beef, categorizes by the European Union Hilton Quota”.
Selecting only the best from the ranch and taking meticulous care over all aspects of the
production process makes it possible to enjoy the best cuts of export beef at every affordable price.

The menu offers other interesting alternatives which accompany our traditional Argentine grill. Homemade pastas and a fine selection of vegetable, fish and meat dishes. Amongst other highlights are the tenderloin “sorrentinos” (stuffed pasta) with a creamy basil sauce, wok-fried pork and vegetables, and the tempting slices of tenderloin beef with rustic crushed potatoes. Our cusine integrates a large variety of flavors and aromas, traditional and trends.

The best wineries in our country are represented on the wine list; with both red and white varieties along with the best premium wines.

The terrace
This branch on Honduras street is home to an exclusive 100m2 terrace and a well stocked bar. The perfect place for corporate or social events. Brunch, music, candles and drinks, “a seductive open air offering”. In winter the terrace is covered and heated.
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