AET 64 - Nunca Dejes de Jugar @ Pacha Buenos Aires  Friday 26, July

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AET 64 – Nunca Dejes de Jugar @ Pacha Buenos Aires.

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The Celebrations Aet came back in the summer of 2001 in India, more precisely in the small state of Goa (a former Portuguese colony of that country).
While this would be recorded as a myth, like an ancient treasure among the creators of this club, which brings together people from all over the world, is now an open secret that the name aet have their purpose in the first three words that were said at the exact moment in which our founders began living full extent a party like this, far away in the eastern part of our planet; AET means: Now I understand everything!
Those were the magic words that not only did vibrate to those introduced for the first time in the holiday magic that only seek to represent at least for a moment, a happy world, but also sums up everything that you live and get on them and that can not be covered through written or verbal.
It was just when they said those words for the first time, on a starry night and full moon on a beach full of people jumping and jumping without stop smiling and hugging the sea they tried to do with the skyline illuminated by the moon, which coincidentally was brewing the idea of ​​creating the club aet, which ended born in April 2002, which was Easter people canceled vacation trips and small historical witness to what was our first party, where some friends were trying to have fun and give joy to others.
The aet are electronic music parties, dominated the house, and where you can find the eccentric of the parties in Ibiza, with similar characteristics and identity of some clubs in London, the strength and passion of some parties of Germany, union and the pursuit of happiness over the business of the holidays nomadic San Francisco and the passion and excitement that only in these parts of the world can deliver.
This all started as a party of friends and try to keep that spirit, notwithstanding that were added friends of friends and so on, until getting people through word of mouth we have met and want to partake of this great party without having to announce when or where they will be performing.
The holidays aet, moreover, are parties nomads, who change places every time, and made approximately every two months, without fixed dates and places, and without any advertising never the same, thus the only come I really feel identified with them and are permanently vigilant when can do next and where.
Those who come out of curiosity, and who are not friends or acquaintances of those living this great show, get lost in the road unable to make the effort to follow, thus making those who are living the holidays and know for a fact that share that night with those who know that this night is special and put all their energy to give to others without demanding to receive something from the other.
These festivals were created from a different point of view in the style of disks or megadiscos where the objectives are different.
At these parties do not fight because one person comes, they fight because that day all leave everything in the background to prepare for passing one of the best days of the year, because that’s why it waited two months and so the rest of the days most work hard and seriously, each in its field, to give us that pleasure responsibly.
Those who organize these parties and other partners aet professionals are generally all that leverage that corner to not stop being who we were before having a life as formal as we carry now in our professions.
Whenever the priority lies with the partners, but also can enter guests of members, therefore there is no obligation to join aet
Although tickets are limited and if nonmembers did not learn in time may have to wait-to-attend another chance.
To join you have to have the aet shirt, which has a number that serves as membership card.
You hear sometimes at parties dialogues as: What happened did not come for 58?
More than once I have heard stories where a Monday morning riding in a subway and bitterness to start a new week, two eyes have crossed from one end to the other, randomly, and both were wearing the shirt of aet without talking or approaching, with only understood everything and look grim expression was altered by a smile that accompanied the rest of the week.
Aet partners have the privilege of receiving First Party: it’s like Futbol de Primera, but instead of spending goals from Sunday, is a mail that reaches all members on Monday, and there will be live and in small Picture electroshocks, feelings that were experienced in the previous aet, or every big party where the aet participates or plays a track.
The a.e.t. are organized by Fernando (Partner No. 1 aet) and Luis Callegari (the resident Dj aet).
Of how these parties can be born quickly warn philosophy, the spirit, the origin and foundation of the party and objectives aet
These parties, as I have, stem from an incident in GOA, India.
Part of the electronic move beyond just emerged. All this culture involves not only musically. It is true it is known through this, but is not limited to this.
Some believe that the electronic move is to go dancing, jumping six hours and go to sleep without thinking and return to repeat by next weekend. No doubt there are people who do not judge nor whether right or wrong.
For some it is just a fad, like many others, and will not be bad either, just not what we seek.
But this is much more than that. In the beginning was a mechanism of protest, from the music, from the clothing, from everything that could be rebellious through all this.
For these parts of the world when people are unhappy, perhaps hitting pans. Elsewhere people dressed “weird” and danced non-stop to show the world that they existed and that they disagreed with a lot of preset parameters.
I traveled all my life, to find the most rare in the world, their cultures, customs, and ways to have fun.
While it is part of the culture and visiting, not only was known museums in each country he visited, native went to parties, I related to people, to really know their customs, their needs and their hopes.
Never became passionate, and I was surprised and I marveled as in Goa.
It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.
The holiday spirit is to have fun, be happy at least for a moment, to help the other to be impracticable. Eye contact and be without talking. No words are needed, but simply understood with his eyes …
I lived that.
And I want you to live in each a.e.t. That there, that’s your rationale, for that you do.
When I said there was a beach party walked for a long way, I just lit the stars-as the flares that illuminate the track the day of the holidays aet (That is the meaning), the moon was so full, bright and close that it seemed that you could play with her paddle, until I felt those drums (pum, pum, pum) getting stronger. It was music, electronic music, music … our music.
I saw the sea and could not believe it, had thrown these fluorescent sea (those who were also sometimes aet at parties and that this story gives meaning), which made the sea come and go green phosphorescent light , imposing, impressive and warm.
And I saw were a bunch of guys happy. They had come from all over the world, from Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe to the festivities of Goa. Just a friend and I were in South America. That did not matter, no one knew where he came from the other, just that if they made the effort to be there (which meant we made an effort to be happy), was sufficient, had something in common. They danced, hugged, looked, smiled.
Never (but never) seen anything like it.
For a long time I heard about this holiday and could not understand what I explained, but sensed, felt it, but every time he heard the living who enjoyed these parties made my skin crawl.
On my last trip I met people from all over the world and told me I had to know Goa. But when asked to explain me I would stare blankly and inevitably told me: “you do not understand you at all.” “That you have to live it.” “You can not explain, because that feels, but being in the party.”
Suddenly at the party, the friend I was squeezed my hand when dawn had won the night and never faced panic and madness and pleasure stared me in the eyes terrified and surprised and said:
Now I understand everything!
And as if by magic, not only in a second I understood it, what I said and what I meant, what I felt, but I felt the same as he described it and as I understood each of the dancing around me.
In a second I understood everything!
It was the second longest of my life.
I knew why there was every sound of music, why people danced and danced, why no one spoke … No need, the words were more, were understood differently, looking into his eyes, hugging.
It is also true that more than once I wanted to stop doing these holidays. Because I take with great responsibility, because I have long, because the stress and responsibilities of my job takes me to not be able to devote both time I want, because it’s a great effort.
More than once exhausted and satisfied by one of the parties, said: “This is the last one.”
But at every party, yes, in all, I spent unfailingly that someone approached me and told me:
“You organize the aet? Here I can talk for a minute”
“Thank you for your party. Was having a hard time and I could be happy for one night.”
And that makes me promise myself doing another once again.
It’s a magical moment, indeed, sometimes I think if you simply do not dream.
The day the a.e.t. is a party again, I will surely make them. The day missing person who excited me say that I worked on something to make you have a good time, you no longer make sense without sadness but with nostalgia will be gone like so many other beautiful things in life ..
We have a song aet: Break the silence is called and is the official song of the aet, where you listen to background a vibe that instantly saying: Now I understand everything! and has become a classic that people expect crouching and hugging and hand, to pop and jump without stopping. And then everything explodes, the cotillion, the lights, the music, people jumping and clings to leave the last drop of energy …
All members take their shirt on the day of the party and wears proudly saying I am the aet This also lead to other major festivals this move and we look and we know we want the same.
What can you say about a party a.e.t.?
Perhaps what was said in the first mail to invite the first party: “aet never (but never!) Saw anything like it”
Or maybe what was said to the second: “Come to the E 2, The joy continues …”
Or maybe some of the other things that summarize our essence: “Rediscover the aet: deprive you’ll understand everything again” or “E 4: A quarter of our lives”, “aet to try again to understand everything” , “aet the beginning of the end”; “Fiestas aet: you remember the (almost) like the first time”, “aet not stop ever. rested only to dream again …”
Whenever there is a group of a.e.t. present in different parts of the electronic move will be joy, there will be party favors, there will be energy. Always balloons, snow, streamers, always anonymously glad the holidays hoping to exploit the next aet
We are like simulators happiness: our mission is to give happiness to people. Look around. Always a party there will be a balloon, a hug, party favors something to cheer the night, or someone willing to make “snow” a dance track, even in midsummer.
In San Francisco there are parties like this, not with those who organized us, but we joined the same goals. I know they advertise their holiday with something that also impose ours.
PLUR (peace, love, united and respect) but in ours adds a bit of ease and-why not-a healthy decontrol.

Fernando (Partner A.E.T. No. 1)


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