After Office @ Rosebar  Thursday 08, August

Honduras 5445, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


After Office @ Rosebar.

Cocktail (with reservation) / (Solo con reserva)
Finger Food & Drinks

For VIP Table reservation & Guest List.
Para reserva de Mesas VIP & Lista de Invitados.
(549)11.6222.9387 (whatsapp)

Situado estrategicamente en el corazón de Palermo Soho y Palermo Hollywood, la armoniosa combinación de estilos genera una decoración única.
Acompañado por la mejor Cockteleria, donde el consumo se facilita debido a la distribucion de los diversos puntos de venta donde los clientes se sentirán como en su casa.
Con una variedad de eventos los diferentes días de la semana. Estacionamiento exclusivo para 300 coches y capacidad para 2000 personas.

Rosebar, a unique venue with a hip crowd has 2 open-air patios, modern / minimal decor and all the goods to become one of Buenos Aires´s hottest spot.
The whole space can be turned to small venues to choose and enjoy time with your friends in privacy.
The club features a state of the art cabin where the best international and local dj´s spin a great mix of music to fancy different styles that will make your night the most fun experience.
Located in a strategic location in the heart of Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, the harmonious combination of styles creates a unique decoration.
Accompanied by the best Cockteleria, where consumption is facilitated due to the strategic location of the various outlets where customers will feel at home.
With a variety of products different days of the week. Exclusive parking for 300 cars locally. Capacity for 2000 people.

Also features international dishes.
Cocktail Invitation:
To 22hs. By reservation only
Roses Bar Snacks (Free)
– Caprese skewers with arugula leaves and olive oil
(cherry tomato skewers with arugula leaves and cheese boconccino + olive oil)
– Potato omelette with black olive tapenade and crispy focaccia
(potato omelette with black olive paste + outbreaks station.)

Over 1 ticket so they can redeem for any of these options.
The Hot boxes
• Mini sandwich of turkey fresh leaves of arugula
• Mini sándwich salmon with cream cheese
• Braised Beef sausage
• meat ragout with potato mousseline
• Bondiola braised pork with mashed sweet potatoes and honey
• crips chicken with barbecue sauce and potato snack
• Rillete of lamb with olive potato mousseline
• Classic chicken cesar with croutons and parmesan cheese
• Mediterranean salad with cherry tomatoes and black olives
• From smoked salmon with cheese boconchino

VIP Cocktail:
Skill of smoked salmon with cheese and ciboullette Finland
(Smoked Salmon, ciboullete, Finlandia cheese, beet sprouts)
Roasted Vegetable Crepes with coleslaw
(Classic pancake, zucchini, eggplant and roasted tomatoes acompñado cream cheese with a subtle hint of ginger, carrot salad with cabbage and coleslaw dressing)
Pate en croute on cookie crisp, fresh arugula sprouts
(subtle pâté with cognac on cookie crisp and fresh arugula sprouts seasoned with olive oil)
Prawns marinated in soy sauce with panko breaded Caesar dressing
(prawns marinated in soy sauce jengiibre lima, breaded in panko and coconut; classic Caesar dressing)




Elegant, Fashinable, Trendy, No Trainers, No Hats.


For table reservation contact us.

Para reserva de mesas y admision contáctenos.

+54 9 1176023099 Argentina

+ 54 1152648195 Argentina Office

+34 971317338 Main Office

+44 7385 195435 UK

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