Djs Night Spitfire @ Club 69  Thursday 15, August

Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo, Buenos Aires.


Djs Night Spitfire @ Club 69.

Lne Up
Dinno Ross
Tomas Abella
Late Night Trippers

Live shows: Los Fabulosos B-Boys & La Compañia Inestable.

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Thursday’s glittering freak magnet Club 69 is an absolute must. The pumping crowed made up mainly of in the know foreigners rings in the weekend early on, with a jaw dropping show of strippers, breakdancers and majestic drag queens bopping in time with the electric electro beats.
Since it’s opening in July 1998, Niceto Club immediately became the musical referent in the area of Palermo.
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Today Niceto Club is to be considered the only place in Buenos Aires where such a big diversity of styles, artists and audiences converge. Many local and international artists have performed in its stage and booth, whereas in the two dance floors it hosts many parties ranging from pop and rock to reggae, hip hop, electronica, tango, soul, funk and more…
One of the best choice for thursday nights
Get ready for the party.

La Compañía Inestable
* La Cacho
* Ramiro Maximiliano Coll
* Vanesa Alexander
* Nati Pelleritti
* Virginia Simo
* Nahuel Smith
* Yasmin Colman
* Rebeca Vazquez
* Demian Gaiteri
* Roxy Foxy
* Thiago Gauto
* Bobby Bonsey
* Cecilia Lindner

Los Fabulosos B-BOYS
* Peto
* Demian
* Maxi
* Lucas
* Fresco

Staff de Produccion
VJ /Camara: Nacho
Vestuario: Pedro Segni, Ramiro Coll, Giovanna Bermudez
Coreografía: Pedro Segni y Valeria Narváez
Producción Ejecutiva: Nahuel Smith / Javier Fernández
Dirección General: Pedro Segni y Rubén Cuesta


Rock, Pop, Electronic, Urban, Live Shows.


Casual, Informal


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+44 7385 195435 UK

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