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LEO MEDINA - SLS MIAMI - MINA @ Ovo Club Conrad, Punta del Este - Night Aires LEO MEDINA - SLS MIAMI - MINA @ Ovo Club Conrad, Punta del Este - Night Aires

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https://www.night-aires.com/leo-medina-sls-miami-mina-ovo-club-conrad-punta-del-este/"> LEO MEDINA - SLS MIAMI - MINA @ Ovo Club Conrad, Punta del Este  Thursday 09, January

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Rbla Claudio Williman y Av. Chiberta, Punta del Este


LEO MEDINA – SLS MIAMI – MINA @ Ovo Club Conrad, Punta del Este


Born and Raised in Buenos Aires Argentina Leo Medina, Moved to Los Angeles, CA in year 2000 lived there for 12 years and now just moved to Miami Florida for a new vibe.

Leo medina: ”Love music in general and I like to play everything that is danceable with good beat. Right now I am resident Dj for Hyde Beach, the new SLS hotel in south Beach. I been playing all over united states and south america where i have my residency in Jose Ignacio, Punta del este Uruguay 2 months of the year (SA summer). I live 100 percent everyday like is my last one.”


Born in Santa Fe, Argentina and raised in the city of Rafaela, Guillermina Molfino – better known as DJ Mina – began her record collection at a young age with jazz, bossa nova, soul and other styles from the early electronic music pioneers.

When she moved to Córdoba in 1996 she was introduced to house music, a genre which she adopted as her standard and dedicated herself to once she learned the art of mixing tunes. After an inspirational trip to New York in 1999, Mina decided to settle in Buenos Aires to turn her hobby into a profession.

Experiences at the renowned parties at Clubland Pacha soon allowed her to share show dates with top international DJs like Lee Burridge, Steve Lawler and Satoshi Tomiie. She was soon booked all over Argentina and decided to add two tours to Barcelona (2002) and New York (2004). Touring and traveling dominate a large part of Mina’s career. In 2010 she toured Central America taking her music to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, where she became a familiar face at D&N Club.

Mina’s different house blends allow her to incorporate music from the classic sounds of Chicago to the sexiest beats of deep house, making her a DJ capable of spinning small clubs as well as large events and shows. Thanks to her versatility on the tables, she has made up part of the artistic circle in every edition of Buenos Aires’ Creamfields festival and its circuit in numerous booths around South America including Lima, Santiago de Chile, Asunción, and several venues in Brazil. Other featured performances include the WMC in Miami alongside house legend Erick Morillo.

For more information visit: www.djmina.com.ar

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